Commercial Advertising for your business with Professional Voice-Over.

All commercials are HD Quality an fit for Television & Internet


Small Business Showcase-$450

  • 1-2 minute video with interview showing the business operations.
  • Clients can talk about the services they offer while showcasing them on screen.
  • Clients can showcase their establishment & employees
Real Estate-$700
  • Showcase of the home with every room featured and aerial shots of the exterior.
  • A script must be provided by the realtor for the included voice-over
  • The realtor can be showcased in front of or inside the home. 
Wedding Stories $400
  • The Wedding Stories is an HD Video to showcase your love story. It can be uploaded to youtube, your wedding website and/or your social media platform
  • Separate interviews with the couple having them detail how they met, a funny story, what they want in life, and etc.
  • Message to your friends and family
  • We provide a brainstorming session  so we can get behind your vision
 E-Commercials- $149.00
  • Online Only Commercials 
  • Video is created with Pictures, Voice Overs & Animations 
  • Great for Explainer Videos 
  • Great to showcase a Product 
  • Great to showcase an Event 
  • Great to showcase a Personal Brand