Our Mission

To position businesses for the future.

Our Story

We started Carter Media in 2016. 

What We Do

Through market research, analytics and customization tools, Intuition, will present a tailored marketing strategy for your business. This strategy will include a strategic framework, competitive analysis and promotional tactics including custom content, digital media, event marketing, public relations and social media options. As a finishing touch, we will supply a list of preferred resources, tools, and contacts that can execute this strategy on your behalf.

Our Values

The Carter Group Pillars of Success are Excellence. Transparency. Trust. Relationships. Perseverance. Smart Work. Drive.


We do what we love and hold a love like no other for our local communities and the youth.


We are innovators, leaders, and creatives that disrupt the normal conformities.

We challenge the conventional and we choose to run ahead of our time. 


We are always honest. We do not over promise. We do over deliver. We are in business for your business success story, without it we have no business.


Our Team

As a team, we work and build each other up. We appreciate each other’s skills set, we know it can not be done alone. We are a group of experts with a few superpowers.